Toad Lillies - No Flowers - August 2021

The last time, I posted on our toad lilies that I planted this Spring was earlier this month when I shared some photos of the buds that were about to burst and show flowers for the first time in our yard.  Fast forward to today and when I was out in back, I noticed that ALL of the flowers were gone.  Cut right off below where the buds were located.  I say 'cut', but what I really think I mean is 'chewed' right off.  By whom?  I'm guessing rabbits.  

I planted these in late Spring.

See below for a photo showing how these toad lilies were clipped/chewed right off.  

This means that we didn't get ANY flowers from these.  Or at least, I didn't SEE them.  

Note to my future self:  protect the toad lilies with some pest-fencing next year.  Maybe with some poultry wire to ring these up?  Seems like the critters like the buds and not the leaves.


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