2021 Christmas Amaryllis Bulbs Planted - November 2021

Earlier this week, I posted photos of the three tags of the Amaryllis bulbs that we selected for Christmas 2021.  We went with a few smaller, more common Red Lions and two larger (more expensive) flowers - one red/white (Sunshine Nymph) and the other one greenish (Lemon Star).  That means that this year we have five total bulbs planted up.  Below, is a look at all of them after a couple of days in the soil.

The trio of Red Lions (on the right) are in a low, wide pot.  We topped that one with a little moss and a couple of rocks.  The Lemon Star is in the slightly smaller pot on the back left.  That, one too, has moss.  The largest bulb (Sunshine Nymph) is in the larger pot with no moss.

Below is a look at the Lemon Star.  This is the one that The Bird picked out and is the only one of the five that hasn't gotten started just yet.  Still dormant.  

Below is a closer look at the trio of Red Lions.  All three of these have small green shoots that have emerged from the bulb.

And, finally, below is the Sunshine Nymph bulb - the largest bulb.  This one has (I'm *pretty sure*) already grown a little bit in the couple of days since watering it. 

More updates to the Amaryllis diary as they happen.   

For those keeping score at home, we have had these "Christmas Flowers" bloom well past Christmas.  The one we planted for Christmas 2018 bloomed all the way until early March 2019.  And last year's went well into late January.


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