Late January Waxed Amaryllis Update - 2020/2021 Edition

Almost three weeks ago, I posted my last update on our 2020/2021 Christmas Amaryllis bulb that Nat picked up kind of last minute at Trader Joe's.  This year, we went back to basics with a no-name flower and a bulb that was dipped in wax.  My expectations were really low.  But, this thing has - despite it's low-end roots - has done as good of a job as almost every other Amaryllis that we've had over the years.   Back in early January, this one was in peak bloom, but today?  It is still blooming.  I'm thinking these three blooms that are on the stalk might be the final ones, but they're showing off deep into January.  See the current state below:

Last year,  one of our Amaryllis (the Cherry Nymph Red Amaryllis) was blooming late into February, and one of ours in 2019 went through March, so I've certainly had blooms well past January 26th.  But, those bulbs were hand-picked and potted in soil.  I suppose that this might serve as as much of a *proper* debrief on this year's flower as anything.  The biggest takeaway:  don't sleep on the waxed Amaryllis.


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