Last Night's Tally (No Tally) - 2021 Halloween Visitors

In what I know many of you will find to be a dissatisfactory notice, I'm disappointed to report that last night - Halloween 2021 - there was no visitor trick-or-treat tally that was conducted.  This is (now) the second year in a row that I've failed to both conduct the tracking assessment as well as failed to post the results here on the blog.  I'll take a COVID pass for 2020.  But, this year?  Just a product of the new neighborhood, going out with the kids to trick-or-treat and not being able to control the tracking. a lot of you, we have video evidence that I could go through to try to recreate the visitor list and make a tally, but I don't have time for that this morning.  Here's an example showing the Mandalorian and his buddy who plays for the Chicago Bears.  (Note...I grabbed this screenshot without the kids faces showing on purpose...)

Of note, I have started to track the weather on Halloween.  Yesterday - Halloween 2021 was perfect.  50's and Sunny.  No rain.  No snow.

We put the bowl out before we went out that included a mix of candy: Snickers, M&Ms (both peanut and regular), Twix, Mike and Ikes, Blow Pops and some squishy toys.  When I got back...there was a handful of candy still remaining.  Exclusively Blow Pops.  Everything else was taken and it seemed that the kids picked through the stuff that was there and left the Blow pops behind.  Interesting data point, I suppose.

I refilled the bowl when I got home and we started to hand it out when the bell was rung.  By the end of the night, we had just a little bit of candy left:

We have (now) had five Halloweens in Downers Grove - three with data and two without.

2017: 77 total
2018: 24 total
2019: 52 total* (Disputed)
2020: No Data
2021: No Data

You'll also note that when we have no data, that also means that we aren't able to track the breakdown including the most critical category: [adult, no costume].  

Not sure we can draw any conclusions from that data set.  

Weather-wise, here's what I've been tracking for the past three years.

In 2021, we had 50's and Sunny.  No kid Winter coats.
In 2020, we had upper 40's and overcast.  No kid Winter coats.
In 2019, we had 2" snow on Halloween.  32 degrees when we went out.  Kids wearing coats.

For tally total, here's a look at the total data collected:

In 2021, we had no data.
In 2020, we had no data.  (Thanks, COVID.)
In 2018, we had just 24 kids. Rock Bottom.
In 2017, we had 77 kids total. A low at the time.
In 2016, we had 302 total.
In 2015, we had 346 total.
In 2014, we had 308 total.
In 2013, we had 326 total.
In 2012, we had 327 total.
In 2011, we had 269 total.
In 2010, we had 236 total.
In 2009, we had 184 total.

Downers Total: 52 + 24 + 77 =153
Downers Average: 153/3 = 51 (2 years of no data)

Elmhurst Total: 302 + 346 + 308 + 326 + 327 + 269 + 236 + 184 =2298
Elmhurst Average: 2298/8 = 287.25.

Total Trick-or-Treaters: 52 + 24 + 77 + 302 + 346 + 308 + 326 + 327 + 269 + 236 + 184 = 2451
Total Yearly Average: 2451/11 years = 222.8 (2 years of no data).

*2019's numbers are under dispute. Note: Some have been thrown out and the 'on sheet' total lowered to be closer to accurate.


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