Christmas Haul: Espalier Training Wire - January 2022

I've done these 'Christmas Haul' posts over the years where I show off some of the gifts that I have received from family and friends at the holidays.  In 2011, I posted a couple of Beatles magnets that I received.  In 2018, I posted a photo of a bird seed bell.  For 2019, Nat's folks gave me a heated bird bath for the backyard.  Last year, I received a gift that sat RIGHT at the intersection of two of my loves:  Disney pins and jigsaw puzzles.  And, I also put a new pair of chainsaw protection gloves to work in the Spring.  

This year, I received some fun gifts from Nat and the kids and as part of a family gift exchange, Nat's brother gifted me a few things for the yard.  I mean...what else would I want, right?

The first thing they gave me is here, below.  A double pack of Rapiclip Soft Wire Tie (Light Duty) espalier training (padded) wire.  Each of the spools is 16 feet long.  

I've posted about this padded training espalier wire before and have found it to be the very best product for my needs.  Having used various kinds of wire and training ties, this padded wire is the most useful and re-appliable training tie that I've come across.  I use it to train all of my various espalier'd trees.   And I used it last Spring to train in one of the trunks in our multi-trunk Saucer Magnolia in front

The padded wire provides just enough give to not harm the branches and the metal wire in the center is enough to hold together.  I don't run affiliate links or ads on the blog, but if you were looking for the stuff, just search [rapiclip soft wire tie light duty] on your favorite search engine or Amazon.  

I have a few more things that I was gifted that I'll post about in the [christmas haul] diary in the coming days/weeks.  


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