Overwintering (Some) Sedum - March 2022

The past few seasons, we've had some Sedum Volunteers (or....maybe a better way to describe them is as a 'Survivor' instead of a 'Volunteer' because it has overwintered in place) in one of the small beds to the north of our back stoop where our Rhododendrons are planted.   If you look at this post from 2020, you'll see the beginnings of these Volunteers (they migrated from a container to a bed) and I was surprised to see them come back last year (2021).  In fact, based on the experience, I decided to transplant a bunch of this stuff from our front porch beds to various places in the hopes that it would survive the Winter.   Most of that stuff seems to have died over Winter.  But....the original set in back?  It seems that it might have come through once again.   Here, below, is a photo showing how some of it is green and happy.

I'll monitor this set of Lemon Coral Sedum over the Spring to see if it bounces back and continues to live here - as a groundcover.  My experience with THESE sedums has me wondering if trying a different Sedum - that is Zone 5b hardy - would be a good move for the IB2DW beds and elsewhere.  


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