Tree Swing Red Oak Tree Tulips Emerging - March 2022

Last week, I posted a couple of photos showing off some tulip tips and allium tips that have emerged in the front yard as the snow has melted and the temperatures have turned upwards.  A few days ago, I wandered around the backyard to see if I could see any signs of life out there and sure enough....some of the tulips that are planted under the Tree Swing Oak tree have emerged through the mulch.  See below for a look at the red foliage peeking through:

In the Fall of 2020, I planted 114 tulip bulbs in this bed - a combination of purple, white and yellow blooms.  Based on this redish color, I'm thinking that this one may end up being one of those purple flowers like Queen of Night or Negrita Tulips.  This is the second Spring these have come back - here's a photo from March 8th of 2021 showing the same bed.  These are planted in amongst hostas some grasses that I thought would be good companions in early Spring.  As the tulips die back, the hostas begin to emerge and cover up the foliage that is in decline.  

Of note, I did NOT add more tulips to this bed last year, but that's something I should look to document this Spring:  the location of these tulips with the goal of adding even more this Fall in the places where I need to fill-in back in this bed.  I did something similar last year - taking a photo when the bulbs were in full-bloom - as a study of future locations.  


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