Cascade Hops Purple Tips in Spring - April 2022

This is just year two of the set of Cascade Hops vine that I have growing in our backyard, but that's a little like providing ages for some of the kids in the Little League World Series.  I'm not sure it is accurate.  That's because I bought a SUPER root-bound plant that was more mature than traditional nursery stock, so I'm thinking that it is one year older than I 'consider' it to be.

Besides the container it came in, what's another indicator of the REAL age?  It fruited last year - in year one - of being in the ground.   

As I wandered around the beds peeking at what is coming to life this Spring, I noticed the tips of the vine emerging from the mulch and was surprised by the color:  they're purple.  See below:

Feels like I'm NOW on-the-clock with a portion of #6 on my 2022 to-do list:  install a proper trellis for the Hops vine.  Need to find one and bring it home BEFORE the vine takes off this season.


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