All Gold Japanese Forest Grasses In Spring - May 2022

This Spring, the backyard bed (under the tree swing) is showing eight All Gold Japanese Forest Grasses that have emerged from the mulch.  These are notorious slow-starters (for me), so I'm happy to see that all eight (from last Fall) have come back.  Here's last year's Fall look.   That's down one from Spring when I had nine in this bed.   You can see this area in the photo below with the grasses near the border of the curve in the bed:

There's a lot going on in that photo.  Tulips glowing up in the background and more.  So....Below is an annotated version of the same photo showing the eight All Gold Japanese Forest Grasses.  In the back (in the blue circles) are three Miscanthus sinesis 'Adagio' that I planted last Fall.  In the orange circle is the lone Green Mountain Boxwood from 2021 that is a pyramidal form. 

For some of these, this will be the third growing season, while for others this will be the second - which I'm hoping means they're MOSTLY established and can tolerate a little less water as they go forward.


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