Bird's Nest Spruce Transplanted - May 2022

Back in April, I posted a 'to-do' reminder to remove the small Bird's Nest Spruce evergreen shrub from inside the nursery container (that was, in-turn, planted directly in the ground) to planting the conifer OUT of the nursery container and into the ground.  Why?  Because, I originally bought it with an eye towards using it as pre-bonsai material, I've now changed my mind and wanted to get it started in a more permanent spot.  I did this same thing with another pre-bonsai shrub - a Juniper Pfitzeriana Aurea - in a different spot a couple weeks ago. 

Here, below, is the Bird's Nest Spruce after being planted and having suffered some rabbit damage this Winter:

And, here, below is the container it was in with the label.  

I'm hoping now that this has roots down in the native soil, we'll see it establish itself a little bit this season and will put on some new growth.  I'll be sure to protect it from the rabbits next Winter so it won't get saw'd off at the ground again.

Number one on my 2022 to-do list this year was to focus on shrubs.  I'm putting this down in that 'shrub' column as a little 'win' - having added this (permanently) evergreen shrub in the southside bed closer to the patio.  


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