Waterslide Hostas - Year Two - May 2022

In the photo above, you can peep a bunch of things;  a few of the Everillo Sedges on the bottom right.  A couple of small Hicks upright Yew in the middle left.  The Chocoholic Snakeroot in the top right.  

But, the focus of the photo here in the [garden diary] is the three ruffled hostas planted on a diagonal.  They are Waterslide hostas and they're looking really great.  I first planted one in fall of 2020 that I bought at the Morton Arboretum Fall Plant Sale.  I (now) know that buying one of anything is a mistake.  So, in Spring of 2021, I remedied that mistake and brought home Waterslide Hostas that I found at Home Depot.  

The one closest to the back (by the fence) is the oldest and the two one-year-old versions are closer to the front of the bed.  

They're a cool blue/green color and the ruffled foliage provides a nice contrast to this area that features the sedges and yews.  

I mentioned then - and it still holds true - that I'm drawn to ruffled foliage on these hostas.  I was at the Big Box nursery earlier this Spring and came across a sport named Wheee! that has similar ruffled foliage.  I took this photo below when I was walking around the nursery because I wanted to research it a bit.

When I got home, I discovered that Wheee! hostas were the 2021 Hosta of the Year.   I'm going to keep an eye out for when/if those go on sale and bring home a few to add to the garden.


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