Christophii Allium Flowers - Sparklers Opening Up - Spring/Summer 2022

I've had a few versions of allium around our garden in both of our houses. All the way back in 2011 (eek!  That's 11 years ago), we had a few Allium bulbs that I stuck in the ground in Elmhurst.  When we moved to Downers, one of the first things I did (in our first Fall) was to put down some Purple Sensation bulbsDuring our second Fall bulb planting season, I added even more.  Then, in 2020, I added a different kind of Allium - Summer Beauty Ornamental Onion Allium that grow in clumps.  These were called for in our plan in a couple of sections, but they were new to me.  Then...that same Summer (2020), I quickly added eight more to our backyard.  

Last Summer, I added a different variety - Serendipity - to our front yard IB2DWs.  Three of them were planted, but just two have come back this year.  

And, last Fall, things got a little nuts with Allium bulb planting.  I put in some Pinball Wizard bulbs.  I put in some Drumstick Allium bulbs behind the Astilbes in back.  I put in some Bulgaricum Allium bulbs around the Lindens.

And, I also planted 45 Christophii Allium bulbs in various spots around the garden.  These Allium were bought on the recommendation of Erin the Impatient Gardener.  I wrote about them (and her) here

She's written a post all about buying Fall bulbs here and describes the Christophii as 'a sparkler'.  This being the first season of blooming in our garden, I was looking forward to seeing how these performed.  

I'm posting this in mid-June, but I took these photos (below) right at the end of May.  For tracking purposes in the [garden diary], these should be marked as late May/early June bloomers in our Northern Illinois garden (Zone 5b).

Have a look.  Calling them a 'sparkler' seems just about right.  Of note, these are planted under the troubled Norway Maple in the front yard.

One of the things that I'm going to want to do is to add even more of these bulbs this Fall.  Why?  Because, I think I need to be having them in clusters of three or four, not on their own like I've planted here.  


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