Frances Williams Bare Root Hostas - One Year Later - June 2022

Last month, I ran through the success rate of some Bressingham Blue bare root hostas from Longfield Gardens.  I planted 18 and now have ten that have come back for year two.  55% success rate.  In addition to those blue hostas, I also planted nine Frances Williams bare root hostas at the same time.  These were planted in late April 2021 and were clustered around the Northern Red Oak tree (tree swing tree) in our backyard.  

Last Fall, these Frances Williams hostas had emerged and were small, but mighty.  We recently had our mulch done and it seems that what started as nine hostas is now six plants.  You can see them below:

I'm going to leave these as-is for this growing season, but if they bulk up by Fall, I think I need to dig up and transplant a few of them - as they're planted too close together.  The one that "looks" the best is the three-leaved one tucked in right by the trunk of the tree (in the shade).  It has the nicest coloring/margins and the largest leaves.  

Six of nine = 66% success rate.  Better than the Bressingham Blues.

All-in:  Sixteen have made it (10 + 6) out of 27.  59% success rate. 

For $60, I now have 16 hostas.  $3.75 per hosta.  Better than half the normal price. 


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