Luxembourg Gardens - Annuals Planting Patterns - Summer 2022

The past few seasons, I've planted (at least) one container with an annual flower pattern that we first saw in the beds at Luxembourg Gardens in Paris a few years back.  Here's one example - showing a combination of red, orange/yellow and blue/purple with Blue Salvia (Salvia farinacea), a yellow Zinnia and in front a red Wave petunia.  I've used marigolds in lieu of Zinnias in other years like the corner box last year.  

I've drawn other inspiration from this very same garden - from chairs to edging to using cocoa bean mulch to the use of London Planetrees to falling in love with the orangerie box to espalier of various forms

One of the things that I was surprised by (not sure why) was that they have updated their annuals and the patterns they were using in their beds around Luxembourg Gardens in Paris this Summer (June 2022).  

In the more sunny section of the garden - around the big fountain - they're now showing a series of beds that include pinks, whites, greens and a little purple.  See below for a look at what they're up to now:

And, here (below) are a few more views of different beds with this same pattern:

I can't pick up all the plants, but I've figured a few of the inclusions: The white/silver foliage is from Dusty Miller - Senecio cineraria - and I see purple Wave Petunias as well.  There appears to be some Salvia (the blue, more upright flowers), some purple grasses, pink wax Begonias, a geranimum of some sort (I think it is pink/purple, but I mostly see foliage) that is planted in a mix of formal and informal patterns.  

The white Dusty Miller and pink Wax Begonia alternating pattern on the border is carried throughout all of the beds and the borders.  Behind that, I'm there is a pattern that mixes the Salvias, Gernaiums and Petunias.  

I'm going to try to recreate this in our front yard beds.   More on that when I get to planting the front porch bed.

Deeper in the Luxembourg Gardens is another island bed in a spot that we've sat and admired on both of our trips to the garden.  This island bed is planted with a different set of flowers, with different colors in a different pattern.  See below:

Here they're using orange, white and greens.  Orange marigolds (I think), white Wave Petunias, and something that looks like a Coleus in lime green.  Below is another photo showing the same pattern.

I like both of these and will use them as inspiration in our front bed in the coming years. 


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