Abiqua Drinking Gourd Hostas Second Growing Season - July 2022

I bought and planted a small cluster of three large-scale hostas last Fall in one of the borders around our firepit in the far back of our garden.  They are called Abiqua Drinking Gourd Hostas and were the 2014 Hosta of the Year.  I posted about them here when I found them in the 50% sale at the orange Big Box nursery.  I planted them in September and they were small at that time.  For comparison's sake, head to this post and quickly look at the photo.  Then come back here.  

These did fine in September and October.  And they lasted all the way until mid-November when they started to head into dormancy.  

How are they doing today?  Well...all three are back and growing.  Two more than the third, but have a look at the photo below to see how they're all doing by mid-Summer:

I spaced these out to allow for their full mature size, so I expect those gaps to fill-in.  I posted about how this spot could use some additional shrubs - including oakleaf and climbing hydrangeas here.  That might be a Fall or 2023 project.    Also, as I look to late Summer/Fall sales at the orange Big Box nursery, a couple of plants to keep in mind for companion planting back here are heucheras and astilbes.  


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