Toad Lilies - Year Two - July 2022

Last year, I planed my first three Toad Lilies.  Gilt Edge variety.   I didn't think much about them last year, but they seemed to do just fine.  Then...the dang rabbits started to eat them.  This year, they seem to have come back. Mostly.  There are three clumps of them.  Not all the same size.  

First...the photo at the top shows one of those 'clumps'.  And some of that rabbit damage that is back this year.  Jerks.

Below, you can see all three clumps - if you look hard.  Stretched out from top to bottom with the 'best clump' being at the top.  The second 'best' at the bottom.  And some small, emerging tips in the middle.

Ground cover is one of the big needs in my garden and something that I'm pretty sure will be a key focus in 2023.  I'd like to buy more of these and plant them in different spots to fill in some gaps.  I'll need to protect them this Summer and Fall from the dang rabbits, but that should be doable with chicken wire.  


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