Brunnera Macrophylla - Added to Garden - August 2022

We have a couple of clusters of Brunnera in our garden - a trio of Jack of Diamonds on the southside.  And a trio of Queen of Hearts on the northside.  Both of those sets have done well and are quite striking in their silver-tinged foliage.  They work well in shady spots and have seemingly established themselves over the past growing season (plus).  Last week, I showed a photo of one of the new perennials that the Bird bought up at Northwind Perennial Farm in Wisconsin (White Wanda Speedwell - maybe White Wands Speedwell...) and mentioned that she bought a few other things.  

This post is about a pair of Brunnera Macrophylla - Hearth-leaved Brunnera - that she bought and planted in her little garden in the backyard.  

Below is the sign from Roy Diblik's nursery in Wisconsin:

And, here (below) shows the location of the pair of these Brunneras in her garden.  They're planted in front of the Chicago Lustre Arrowwood Viburnum (you can see one of them at the top of the photo.  Also, of note...I've (for now) put chicken wire up around ONE of them and not the other.  They're spaced about 24" apart to allow them to grow into that space.

The reasoning for the (dang) rabbit protection is a sort-of test.  Everything I've read about Brunnera is that they're deer and rabbit resistant.  They have no interest in them.  But, I figured that I'd hedge against that and protect one of these while they're getting established this Fall.  


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