We have Germination - Backyard Grass Seedlings - September 2022

Well, woulda look at that.  We have seedlings emerging in the blank spaces of our backyard lawn.  Specifically, we have seedlings taking off that were spread around our backyard a week or so ago after undergoing a pre-germination process of soaking them for five days.  I threw down 30# of seed (mix of KBG and Tall Fescue) and hand-spread some of it in some bare spots in the far back.  Below is a photo of one of those blank spots.  Have a look to see the grass seedlings coming up and filling in the space:

A few things to note about this photo:  I spread a combination of Tall Fescue and Kentucky Bluegrass seeds back here, so I'm not totally sure what I'm seeing here, but based on germination time estimates, I'd say that this is more likely than not to be Tall Fescue.  You'll also note that there is a bunch of white blades in the photo.  That is a nice sight to see as that is Nimblewill that has been treated with Tenacity and is (hopefully) damaged enough so it will NOT both compete with these seedlings NOR be able to create and throw off seed heads of its own this Fall.

I'm seeing these bare spots show grass seed germination more clearly than in places that I simply overseeded where the turf was full and thick.  So, I'm hoping that's either just an illusion (and that there are seedlings under the thicker, existing turf) or a timing issue (that in the places where the turf existed, it took a bit longer - like a day or two - for the seed to work its way down to the soil).    I'd like to see a blend of KBG and Tall Fescue here, but we'll have to wait until the blades mature next Spring to know for sure what we have that has established.  

This particular spot where I took the photo is all the way in the back of our yard and is in the narrow patch of turf that sits between where our trampoline sits and the border of the firepit.  We've NEVER had grass bak here and it has been (mostly) baredirt and Nimblewill.  So, seeing these seedlings come up is a nice outcome that I hope will continue to thrive this Fall in order to thicken up this area.  From what I've read on the Web, I'm supposed to wait more than four weeks before the first mow, so I'll leave this area alone and hope the kids don't trample it.  


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