12 Gladiator Allium Bulbs Planted - Front Porch Beds - October 2022

Last week, I posted about the two packs of Gladiator Allium bulbs that I picked up at Costco recently and mused about where I could plant them.  In front?  In back?  IB2DWs?  Front porch beds?  With the recent SIGNIFICANT moves in our front yard beds - more on this to come - I thought that I should find a way to put these mid-size bulbs in that bed.  They're what I would call medium-sized in height - so they can go in a lot of places in that front bed.

I was - initially - thinking that I was going to plant them BEHIND the row of boxwoods and in front of the hydrangeas.  Why behind the boxwoods?  Because they're NOT (currently) that big.  Even after six growing seasons.  Why?  Because of the Norway Maple has been crowding them out.  Both in terms of the big, thick mat of roots.  But, also...(I believe) because of light.  

But, if that Norway Maple isn't there any longer, won't that help the boxwoods grow up and out?  That's the bet I'm making.  

I decided to dig these into the bed - in front of the boxwoods - but behind where I plant annuals normally.  I dug six good-sized holes that span the first three boxwood shrubs.  I worked through the mat of roots and some of the hydrophobic mulch.  I also made sure to work in as much of that top-dressed compost that I spread there last month.   Below is a photo of the holes.  And then down one photo is a look at how I popped two bulbs in each of the holes.  6 holes, 12 bulbs.

This is an area of this bed that WILL NOT be disturbed this Fall, so I'm hoping that we'll get 12-for-12 come Spring.  


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