Fall Color Linden Tree Espalier - October 2022

The pair of Greenspire Linden Trees that are planted in a horizontal cordon espalier have held on to all of their leaves to date.  They're just starting to turn yellow - see photo below - with a mix of green and yellow foliage across all four levels of the espalier.  You'll note that some other plants - like the hostas - have gone dormant and turned yellow, while others (the Summer Beauty Allium on the bottom right) have remained green.   

The last time I showed this espalier was earlier this Summer (June), when the trees put on ALL of the leaves in a couple of weeks.  If you look closely at the photo above, you'll see some growth on the top level that needs to be pruned back in late Winter as the top-level continues to try to establish a leader or leaders in normal-tree fashion.

As measured this Summer, these are now BOTH over 3" caliper trees and have been in the ground here since August of 2017.  That's five years of growth here across the growing seasons.

When it comes to Winter Interest, these horizontal layers put on a nice show when it snows.  Here they are in January of this year

It is pretty evident that I no longer need the strong support framework and can remove the posts.  I'll put that on my 2023 to-do list.


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