Dead Shrub: Doublefile Viburnum Treeform - November 2022

I planted a treeform Doublefile Viburnum shrub out front of our front porch in a row where I lost a Vanilla Strawberry Hydrangea earlier this year.  I also planted a few of these out back.  But, this one - was probably out of place - but in a spot that was mixed sun/shade.  And, in the shadow of the troubled Norway Maple tree in our front porch beds.  I watered it in and watered all of the other things up there the same way.  But, this treeform Viburnum went into decline pretty quickly and is now - officially - dead.  I yanked it out recently.  See below for the tree/shrub and the rootball that I removed:

I've long talked about how it is SO hard to grow stuff under that Norway Maple tree.  But with it gone, now?  I'm hopeful that I can turn this area around.  Starting with amending the soil with biosolids and composted manure.  And cultivating the soil in this bed to enrich it even more this Winter (is my plan). 

I'm hopeful that the stump grinding of the old tree will free up the root mat that exists in this bed and allow those roots - which I'm pretty sure are out-competing everything - will begin to decompose.  

Then, come next Spring?  I'll try to find a Vanilla Strawberry Hydrangea and put it back in the proper place.  


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