Disneyland Roses in November - Blooms and Winter Protection - November 2022

Hard to believe that it is mid-November and that we're still getting roses off of our Disneyland Roses.  Here, below, is a little set of flowers and buds that I cut off yesterday morning - right as the weather around here is beginning to turn towards Winter.   This past week, we've had temperatures in the 60's and 70's during the day, but now we're facing the harsh reality:  Winter is arriving.  This Disneyland Rose bush is putting on its final show: 

This past week, I took a couple of chicken wire cages off of some hostas that have gone dormant and connected them together to make a Disneyland Rose winter protection cage.  The last time I showed these roses in our sideyard was in September when I talked about prepping for Winter.  

This past Winter, I protected *some* of the roses and left others unprotected.  This year...I'm going to just try to do what I can do.  I started with one - the middle one.  You can see that cage below and how I've started to fill it with leaves the past couple of days. 

The ring that I needed to use just two Falls ago was *much smaller* than the one I have installed today. 

#10 on this year's to-do list was to keep up with some seasonal projects - including shrub protection.  I was pretty good about feeding these, so overall....I feel good about checking the box on 'seasonal items'.


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