Evercolor Everillo Sedge - Via Morton Arboretum Fall Plant Sale - September 2020

This is the seventh in the series of plant varieties that came home from the Morton Arobretum Fall Plant sale from last week.  The previous six - including some Japanese grasses, coral bells, a couple of hostas and some other shade plants can be found at the bottom of this post.  I bought these bright Evercolor Sedges based on the recommendation of the staff at the Arboretum.  

From the sign at the top of this post, they describe these as having a 10-12" height and 16-24" spread.  But, also, they call out Full Shade - which is a key for me.  The rest of the description reads:

Leaf blades are long, thin and arching, with a golden yellow hue.  Adds a burst of color to garden beds, borders and containers.  Mounding habit adds texture to many garden areas, especially when mass planted.  Best color in locations with morning sun. 
Below is a photo of the front and the back of the plant tag - where they call this out as a Japanese Sedge. 

Walter's Garden compares it to other, similar Sedges, but this is the first one we have.  I'll mention that there isn't/wasn't any Sedges on our backyard plan.  But that didn't stop me from planting them around the base of our Kwanzan Flowering Cherry tree in our backyard.    Take a look at the three Sedges that I planted around the bed of the tree:

That photo above has #NoFilter and I'm already in love with the amount of color they're adding to this part of the landscape.  I'll give these a good Fall mulching with wood chips as Walter's Garden describes them as an 'evergreen'.  So, will hope they get established and will watch for them to come back in the Spring of 2021. 

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