Late 2022 Plant And Shrub Wish List - December 2022

Earlier this week, I posted some photos of our four (current) Hellebores in the backyard and talked about how our plan called for even more in the borders in a few areas.  As I wrapped up that post, I mentioned that there were (now) a few perennials on my 'plant wish list' and that I should do a proper post showing the mix of trees, shrubs and perennials that I have on this standing 'want' or 'wish' list.  That's what I'm doing here:  taking that first list and add shrubs.  As part of my 2023 garden planting, here's my current (as of early December) standing plant wish/want list below:

Perennials, groundcover and grasses:

(previously posted - but I added a few more here) 

1. Hellebores. Up to 16 more.
2. Even more Autumn Ferns and Ghost Ferns. Probably want to replace (gasp!) my Ostrich Ferns.
3. More Hakone Grasses - Japanese Forest Grasses.
4. Pulmonaria ground cover.
5. Pineapple Lily bulbs.
6. A couple of Disneyland Roses for IB2DWs. 7. Virginia Bluebells.
7.  More boxwoods and/or Hicks Yews for around the firepit and the garage sideyard. 

I'll get to trees in a future post - including the call for another Japanese Maple tree. 


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