Compost Bins Update - January 2023

The last time I checked in our dual compost bin setup was a month ago - in early December - when I considered the bins (mostly) done for the season and filled with all the Fall leaves that had come down.  In that post, both bins - the carbon/leaf storage on the left and the properly mixed and passively aerated bin on the right - were both 'heaping' with a mound of material extending well above the top of the fence panels.   I was out puttering in the yard recently and went back to see what kind of compaction that had occurred in the past 30 days.  

Below, you can see the current - January 2023 - state of the bins.  

On the left - the carbon storage:  The material has compacted to be well-below the top of the fence panel. I've also added a bunch of container material to the top including some Fall Cabbages.  On the right - the mix has darkened in color as decomposition has begun to take place it seems.  Compare the color of the front of the bin today (above) with what it looked like in November - when I mixed it 60 days ago.  

As I begin to pull together the draft and final versions of my 2023 to-do list, I know one of the items is going to be to (once again) expand my compost setup to allow for more material to be piled, turned and created.  I also want to add even more passive aeration in ALL of the bins - both existing and new and get-back to kitchen composting under our sink.


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