Totem Pole Switch Grass Winter Interest - January 2023

Planted in 2021, this will be the third growing season for a singular large-scale Switch Grass that is planted in our front porch bed: the Totem Pole Switch Grass.  I've been able to 'get to know' this grass a bit over the years and have discovered that it is late starter - well after most grasses emerge for the year.  And that every year since planting, the grass has grown taller and taller.  On a recent warm(er) afternoon this past weekend, I wandered around the front beds to have a look at some plants and came across this grass.  And was struck by the seed heads.  And how it provides a really nice look in Winter.  See below for the current state of the Switch Grass:

With the removal of the declining Norway Maple and the planting of the Triumph Elm, this front yard bed is one of my main/top priorities for 2023.  Do I leave this grass here?  Add more of them?  Time to make a plan. 


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