Lawn Lime - Pelletized - February 2023

Yesterday, I posted some photos of a new organic (biosolid) lawn fertilizer from Menards that is a Milorganite replacement that comes in $10 cheaper per bag.  I mentioned that I was getting started on my 2023 lawn care program and bought a few products to get started.  Before I talk about the first application of lawn food I'm going to put down, I intend to start with a soil amendment. 

Over the years, I've applied pelletized lime to our backyard in an attempt to change the makeup of the soil.  Why?  To help make the lawn a less-hospitable place for Wild Onions to grow.  I've fought those jerks every Spring - with both removal and lime application.

Does lime do anything?  I'm not sure.  But, it isn't expensive, so my not throw the stuff down - if it can help, right?

It seems that I haven't put Lime down since 2021 - skipping last year.  Or...I didn't post about it, at least.

Here's what I'm putting down this year in the backyard:  three 40 pound bags of Pelletized lime.

I'm going to get out there this week and throw this down before the Spring showers arrive. 


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