Mickey Mouse Topiary Setback - February 2023

One step forward, one step back.  So it goes with indoor, container gardening it seems.  Just yesterday, I posted an update on my oldest Staghorn Fern and how it was putting on the first basal frond since I've owned it.  Today...showing a photo of a setback:  my Creeping Fig Vine Mickey Topiary took a hit. It seems that I let it dry out and the vine has gone dry across a huge amount of the face of the frame.  I THINK that I caught it just in time and watered it to keep the vine alive.  In part.  

See below for the current state:

Mickey Mouse Topiary

You can see the dry parts of the vine with dead leaves.  But, also..what seems like a little bit of new, growth (the lighter green leaves). 

I brought this inside back in October and it was THRIVING.  Look at this photo to see the post-Summer flush growth of Creeping Fig Vine.  I've been trying to keep the topiary watered in since the incident, but this really is a product of my plants being sent downstairs to the basement during the Christmas season.  A typical out-of-sight-out-of-mind situation.

My plan is to bring this back upstairs to make sure we keep an eye on it through the rest of Winter before I can get it outside late this Spring.  


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