Tall Fescue Overseeded Lawn in Winter - February 2023

Out in the yard recently - with the snow melting away - and I notice some interesting contrasts appearing in the lawn in a few pockets.  See below for a photo showing what appears to be a darker, finer-blade green patch of lawn in the yard that (at first glance) seems out of place:

What the heck is this?  At first, my brain raced to think about if this was an invasive turf - like the Nimbleweed that I discovered last year.  This patch is darker green and a different texture from the rest of the lawn.  I stared at it.  And stared at it. 

Then it hit me:  this is a patch of Tall Fescue that I overseeded last year during a renovation.  For the most part, I attempted to mix the Tall Fescue seed in with Kentucky Bluegrass seed, but in the section closest to our patio, I didn't mix them.  Why?  Because that section is/was all KBG.  So, by overseeding with Tall Fescue, I was attempting to get a blend of the two.   That patch above is a bit more Tall-Fescue-exclusive than what I was going for in the yard. 

But, what about elsewhere?  Here's another photo below that shows what that KBG + Tall Fescue blend looks like:

I'm looking forward to seeing the whole yard come out of dormancy this Spring to see what kind of coverage I was able to achieve.  I'm also planning on doing another round of overseeding, but that will probably wait until the Fall - like last year


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