Frans Fontaine European Columnar Hornbeam Trees Leafing Out - April 2023

Our hedge of Frans Fontaine Columnar Hornbeam trees is waking up for Spring and has begun to leaf-out all over the trees.  The last time that I looked at these trees was earlier this (late) Winter, when all of the trees were still clinging to some of their previous-season's leaves (something called foliar marcescence).  

The screening that comes from planting these Frans Fontaine Hornbeams along the property line is starting to come into focus this growing season as the small leaves are opening from their buds.  Below, is a photo showing the current (mid/late April) state in our yard in Northern Illinois (Zone 5b). 

Frans Fontaine European Hornbeam Leaf

And, here below, is a look at the leaf from the Frans Fontaine European Hornbeam (Fastigata).  They are curled and ribbed with a hob-like flower/fruit on the trees

Frans Fontaine European Hornbeam Leaf

It won't be long until they fill-in for the year - check this post to see what these trees look like mid-Summer (July 2022) where they're screening our neighbor's yard.

These trees were planted in May of 2018.  That means they were planted as 2" caliper trees five years ago and this is their sixth growing season.  

And, in terms of seeing growth, here's a photo showing this same (leaf'ing out) stage on May 1, 2021 - two full years ago.  

We have NOT pruned these trees at all.

We have been dormant-feeding them each Fall with a deep-root fertilizer from Davey.  


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