Dormant Tree and Shrub Fertilizer Application - November 2022

A couple of weeks ago, I posted a couple of photos that showed the process of how the arborists at Davey Tree Services are treating our Northern Red Oak trees with a solution to inoculate them against something called the Two-lined Chestnut borer with a deep-soil-injected solution around the footprint of the canopy of the two Oak trees in our backyard.  That's the first application of the season that has been - for the past two seasons - come before the application of a liquid soil-probe-application fertilizer treatment for all our trees and shrubs.  

Starting in 2020, we've worked with Davey to apply something called Arbor Green Pro to every tree and shrub in our yard.  

Here's the post showing the 2020 treatment in late October.
Here's the post showing the 2021 treatment in mid-November.

The crew arrived and set up the long hose line from their tanker truck at the curb all the way to the back of the yard.  

You can see in the photos that they apply the treatment ALL OVER THE PLACE because they inject at different spots underneath the canopy of the large trees.  That means that there are little spots of fertilizer that show up in the Spring that resemble a pattern of dots on the lawn.  

This is the 3rd year in the program, but this is one of those things that I'm NOT certain really *does* anything.  I also know that I haven't priced it out, so maybe next year, I'll get a bid from another provider - like Weiss Lawn Care - that I know services our area.  Next year will also be the year to (potentially) re-apply growth regulator to the one tree that remains - the Tree Swing Red Oak


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