More Wild Onion In Lawn Removal - April 2023

Wild Onions in Cool-Season Lawn

Last week, I posted a couple of photos showing the 'clumps' of Wild Onions (and their surrounding turf) that I've been digging out of the yard.  Over the years, I've found that the ONLY way to remove these things are to dig them up.   I've taken different approaches over the years in terms of how much soil I 'take' vs what I 'put back'.  This year, I'm trialing a new way to remove the Wild Onions by digging out and NOT pulling the bulbs.  

In previous years, I'd use a shovel to dig out a clump that included grass.  Then, I'd sort of 'tear' the clump apart to try to release the bulbs.  And, then...I'd put the clump with the grass on top back in place.  

This year, I'm taking the turf, too.  In an attempt to not leave any bulbs behind.  My thought is that the lawn will spread out and fill these spots in this Summer.   I'm also NOT composting these - instead...just tossing them directly in our garbage can.  

But, what did I fill the holes with?  

You guessed it:  biosolids.  I went over to the mulch pit and picked up a couple of buckets of the stuff.  Then, I went around and filled the holes with a little bit of a 'mound' because I know they'll settle.  With this being 100% organic material, I'm hoping that it is a desirable place for the grass to spread out.  See below for a photo showing some of the holes in the middle section of the lawn in back where I removed the Wild Onion clumps.  

I'll watch them for weeds and if they don't fill in, they'll be a candidate for overseeding this Fall - when I intend to do another full yard overseed - like last year. 


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