Pre-Emergent + Fert Application (#1): April 2023

Back at the end of February, I posted my 2023 lawn care plan that included applications of both organic and synthetic fertilizers across the growing season. 5 feeding applications in total.  The first...was slated to be an early feeding that was combined with a pre-emergent.  I've gone back and forth with early Spring fertilizers over the years - doing it sometimes and skipping it others.  Why skip it?  Because, I don't want to have to mow.  But, buying pre-emergent WITHOUT fertilizer is hard-to-do around here, so this year, I went with the combo.  

As for the timing, the GDD calendar tells you when to apply.  Here's the screenshot from today, showing that our Zone/Zip Code is in the the "Optimum" category this week. 

Yesterday, I went out and applied two bags of this synthetic combo from Menards that comes from Forever Green.  I posted about the new Menards organic biosolids product from Forever Green earlier this year.   Below are a few photos showing this lawn food.  First, in the spreader:

I really like the look of how they combine colors in synthetic fertilizer blends.  It almost looks like Dipping Dots.  

I used two 10K bags of this stuff across the front and back.  I set my spreader to 4.5 on the dial.

This has an N-P-K of 24-0-3 - which means it is "Phosphorus Free".   The organic has a 4-3-0 analysis, so I pick up that Phosphorus in the Summer and Fall applications.  

Here are a few shots of the bag of the bag including the manufacturer;  Eau Claire Coop Oil Co. 

So far, I've (now) completed two lawn applications per my 2023 scheduleLawn Lime first.  And now, this early fert+pre-emergent combo.  

Next up:  Insects in May.  And a weed-and-feed synthetic in mid-May (6 weeks post this application). 


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