Backyard Retractable Hose Reel Mounted to 6x6 Post - May 2023

Beginning in Spring 2022, I have talked about installing a second yard hydrant in our backyard featuring a self-rewinding hose reel.  I included it on my 2022 to-do list and failed to install the post and reel in 2022.   I carried that task over to our 2023 list and put it at #5:  install a second hose reel.  I had the hose reel for more than a year, so it was simply a matter of installing the post to hold the reel.

This is the third of these reels that I have at the house - the first one is in the garageThe second one is about half-way back attached to our fence.  This third one is planned for close to the spigot.  I have historically used a loose hose to water the patio containers.  I thought this upgrade would keep things a bit more tidy.  

Ahead of digging the hole, I called J.U.L.I.E. and had them mark any underground utilities.  In the photo below, you can see the red line for electrical underground.  And the orange stake is where I wanted to dig the post.  All clear.  I could proceed by digging out the spot with my post-hole digger. 

I ended up sourcing all of the material - aside from the foam - from what I had on hand.  I dug the hole 40" deep, dropped in a couple of inches of gravel.  Then, I took a 2x6 board and laminated three of them together with a mix of timber locks and carriage screws with large fender washers.  I planned the top of the post to be around 21" from the top of the soil, which allows the reel to be as low as possible, but swing freely from side-to-side.  I braced the post and dumped in a bag of two-part post-hole foam.  

It only filled up the hole halfway.  So, I went back to the hardware store and bought a second bag.  It filled it right up.  I lodged a large rock in front of the post - to help reduce movement from the front - right at soil level.  See below for the new reel installed.  

I haven't really moved into 'watering season', but I'm already in love.  I think this will prove to be a significant upgrade for keeping things tidy. 


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