First Disneyland Rose Flush of Season - June 2023

Our Disneyland Roses (at least the ones that have been planted with southern exposure a few seasons back) get their first flush of flower blooms in early June.  They bloomed in early/mid June in 2022 and in early/mid (10th of the month) June in 2021, too.  This year is no different as the first sets of blooms have hit our Floribunda roses.  Below are some photos - first showing some of the flowers that I clipped off and have put in a vase in our kitchen.

The Disneyland Rose - in Zone 5b - get at least three full flushes of blooms.  June (now) is the first.  And the last one is in October.   There is another one in-between in August or so.  At least...that's what I think happens.  Perhaps they get four flushes?  I'll have to observe more closely this year. 

Disneyland Roses Cut Flowers

While the bloom schedule is right on track, I'm seeing something that is new to me:  leaves being eaten up and destroyed by SOMETHING.  See below for a look at the tattered foliage:

Pest?  Fungus?  Slugs?  Roseslugs?  Aphids?  I'm not sure.  But, I'm going to go get some insecticide soap and see if I can clear it up.

Lastly...below is a photo showing the granular rose fertilizer that I applied this week - the first week in June.  This is the third application - following a May feeding this Spring and an April feeding in late Winter.

I'll do a roundup of the bareroot roses that I planted earlier this year in a future post.


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