Dividing Everillo Sedge - With Center Rot - October 2023

The original (to our garden) sedges - Everillo Sedges - have been in the ground since the Fall of 2020.  They're bright grasses in a dark, shade garden.  But, I don't think that I've been using them in the right ways - as I've planted them in a colony together with very little matrix-planting around them/interplanted with them.   They've been mostly neglected and suffered a bit from rabbits.  Below is a look at the 'pre-dividing' planting of these sedges:

A closer look at the one on the top of that photo shows that there's some 'center rot' going on and there are a number of smaller, independent sedges.  This is just like what is going on with the Elijah Blue Fescue grass IB2DWs.  Below is a look at the carex in question that I decided to divide:

Carex Everillo - Sedge with Center Rot

There's a small buckthorn seedling coming up in there that is (obviously) due for removal.  But, It is easy to see a number of sedges here.  I opted for dividing this clump into five.  Three *really* small ones and two from the other half of the clump.

Below are the three small ones - I planted them in the border behind a few Ajuga Chocolate Chip groundcover and in front of the Fanal Astilbes - in the kitchen curved bed.

And I put the other two remaining divided carexes in front of the Waterfall Japanese Maple on that same side of the yard in between a few Heucheras. 

These are the first of the annual 'Fall dividing' program that I think will include a few other sedges - as well as (hopefully) some other perennials.  


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