Transplanted Bird's Nest Spruce - Backyard - November 2023

Originally planted in a container (pre-bonsai), then first transplanted into the ground in April of 2022 only to be moved up to the Kitchen window curved bed in May of 2022, my first Bird's Nest Spruce (dwarf) has not lived a good life. was gnawed at by the dang rabbits and fought for life the past two growing seasons.

Today?  It has been overtaken by the Oakleaf Hydrangeas that are planted behind this small spruce shrub.  See below for a look at the leaves of the hydrangeas and the spruce, evergreen shrub:

dwarf Bird's Nest Spruce with Oakleaf Hydrangea

That means that this dwarf conifer is looking for its fourth spot in three years.  I dug it up and transplanted it over to the northside of the lot, behind some hostas (that need to be removed) and in front of the Hops vine that is trellis'd up the fence.  See below for the current state of my first Bird's Nest Spruce dwarf conifer:

I'm posting this in early November, but I moved this shrub back in early/mid October of 2023. 


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