Gabion Pillars In The Garden - Inspiration from Garden Tour - January 2024

I was watching this garden tour on YouTube from Garden Gate Magazine and just about totally fell in love.  What a garden.   There is SO MUCH to appreciate in this one video in this one garden that I'll probably post a few things about it that struck me.  The first of related to gabion-style walls.  Below is a screenshot of the garden tour - at the 9:53 mark (here's a link to that 9:53 mark in the video) that shows off a set of pillars that are done gabion-style.  See below:

Using Gabion Style Pillars In the Garden

The garden-owner talks about framing and how they use these gabion-style pillars as a way to frame the entrance for visitor's experience.  The gardener saw these in a local garden and decided to replicate them and included putting pots on top.  

I've posted about gabion walls back in 2019 when I saw them in an annual garden trend post.   I also posted a few other posts about various walls over the years including this stone wall at Disney's Aulani resort, a timber wall in our neighborhood and a stone wall with fountain.  

I've seen gabion-style walls in the wild, but they're either used as retaining walls or as a way to provide a barrier (like here).    At least, that's what I always thought of them to be used for, but it turns out that with a simple Google Search for [Gabion Pillar], you can find a ton of uses and even vendors of gabion cages that are used for pillars.  

My mind immediately goes to 'where' I could use this in our own garden and that idea of 'framing' a view or 'framing' an entrance.  That front - by where the gravel path joins the driveway.  Or, at the end of the boardwalk.  Or, on the southside where the Disneyland Roses are planted and has an area that so desperately needs attention?  Or, around the firepit with two gabion-pillars in lieu of a moon gate?  All of them work.  

Say it like I just did:  put it on your [2024 to-do list], Jake.  


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