Rilona Amaryllis in Bloom With Salmon-Colored Petals - January 2023

It is still Amaryllis season in our house with three different varieties all working on their own (different) schedules in terms of bloom time.  The fastest one - out of the gate - was the La Paz.  It is a Spider Amaryllis and has a different look than the traditional spade-shaped-petals of most Amaryllis that we've grown.  Our La Paz Amaryllis bloomed in mid-December.  And is still putting out blooms today.  Pretty good. 

The next one - the feature of this post - is the Rilona Amaryllis.  This is another unique (to me) bulb in that it isn't red and it isn't white.  And it isn't red and white.  It is salmon-colored.  And quite lovely.  Doesn't have the same OOOMPH that a dark red one does, but still a really lovely flower and the color sure brighten ups the dark days around here in January.  Reminds me of the Disneyland Rose.

Here's a post showing the three bulbs when we bought them at Wannemakers.

Here's a post just about a month ago showing the 3 bulbs at different states.  30 days ago (or so), this Rilona Amaryllis was about 8" tall.  

Rilona Amaryllis in Bloom
Rilona Amaryllis in Bloom with apricot and/or salmon-hued petals with slight stripes in them.

Rilona Amaryllis in Bloom

The final bulb - Samba - is still just that:  a bulb.  No vertical growth yet, but I can see the throat of the bulb swelling and I'm hoping we'll see some upright movement in the next week or so.  If that happens, it's going to look like Amaryllis season in our house from mid-December through February.  Preeeety, preeety, preeety nice. 


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