Canadian Hemlock - Added to Hornbeam Hill

Back in January, I posted a little snapshot of another part of our landscape plan that was of the far, southwest corner of our propertyThat corner included the addition of three Canadian Hemlock trees.  In that post, I mentioned that the plan actually calls for nine of these Hemlocks and at the time, I had not planted any of them.  

Here, today, is a look at another slice/section of our landscape plan.  There are multiple elements in this little image, but I want to focus on what is in green: three Canadian Hemlocks.  This is about 2/3rds of the way back between our house and the property line and as you can see they're tucked in against the northern fence line.  

Those of you following along know that I've posted these in a series.

When I was putting in the Hornbeams, we considered adding some larger Hemlocks, but decided against.  

Then, on a recent Saturday, I had some time to kill.  I had dropped the girls off at a birthday party in Glen Ellyn and wasn't due back for two hours.  I pulled out my phone and realize that (hey, hey!!), I'm only like eight minutes away from a Menards.  So, of course, I head there.  

And like a bug to light, I'm drawn to the garden center.   Where, I found a tiny Canadian Hemlock that was just $10.  I put it in my cart, brought it home and planted it in one of the spots on the plan.  Here it is all planted up.

Menards sells the Tsuga canadensis variety - as you can see on the tag below. 

And like I did with some of the other trees in our inventory, I took a tape measure to it:  27" to the tip.

This now becomes the 24th tree we've planted since we moved in to Hornbeam Hill.  24 planted, three lost - for a net of 21 trees added to our little arboretum.   

Also, this is the third evergreen or conifer that we've planted - all this season.  First the Weeping Cedar, then the small Fraser Fir and now this Hemlock.  All three of them are tiny, young trees but start to set me down a path of righting the mix in our yard between deciduous and conifers.  Also, between these three trees *and* the grasses, we planted, we've added quite a bit of 'winter interest' to the backyard this season.  That's a good thing.

Here's the full list:

1. Flowering Pear in backyard on north side.
2. Flowering Pear in front yard by garage. (LOST and replaced)
3. Japanese flowering cherry
4 and 5: 2 Lindens that I espalier'd
6. A Dawn Redwood from Earth Day 2017 (LOST)
7. Nat's Saucer Magnolia in our front yard
8. A Corkscrew Willow all the way in the back (LOST)
9. A Crimson King Norway Maple near the trampoline
10. Another flowering pear from Earth Day 2018
11. Red Maple Sun Valley tree from Earth Day 2018.
12. Weeping Cedar tree - our first evergreen.
13. The weeping flowering cherry tree that the Babe planted for Earth Day 2018.
14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21. These Frans Fontaine Hornbeams. 
22.  A replacement Chanticleer Pear tree (3" caliper) out front by our garage
23.  Our second evergreen - a short Fraser Fir Christmas Tree out by the trampoline
24.  This Canadian Hemlock that is the first of nine that our landscape plan calls for in the backyard


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