Done: Backyard Tulip Bulbs Relocated

Number one on my 2019 Gardening To-Do Addendum List was to relocate some of my Fall bulbs.  It didn't make my main To-do list for the year, but the two kind of go together.  Why's that?  Because #8 on the main To-Do list is to add some conifers to the backyard.    My thinking was that if I move these tulips from back against the fenceline, I can replace them with the Weeping White Spruce that I bought and move these closer to the front of the bed.   Here's what these same tulips looked like earlier this Spring

I started to dig them and realized that moving blooming tulips is not for the faint of heart.  I dug deep and tried to pull out the bulbs and the ground with them.  Then, I poked around and tried to remove whatever weeds that had glom'd on to the bulbs and stuck them back in the ground.  Everything I've read about Tulips suggests that people often cut off the tulip leaves far too early because once the flower blooms, they figure that they should just get rid of the leaves and the mess.  In order to give the bulb all the energy that it needs to store up over the long Summer, Fall and Winter, the leaves need to be out there absorbing the Sun and bringing in the energy. 

These tulips came up nicely this Spring, but I'm pretty sure that this transplanting has been stressful on them and there's a good chance that not all of them will survive.  But, come next Spring, I'll do my best to give them a count and see how many of the original ten will bloom. 

Now that they're moved, I can work on getting in the columnar Spruce in close to the fence in a position that we can see from outside our kitchen windows. 


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