Dawn Redwood Needle'ing Out - Late Spring 2019

The last time I chronicled this small Dawn Redwood was back in April when the limbs were full of swollen buds about ready to burst open.  Today is the tree as it has leaf'd/needle'd out a bit and is coming into its own.  This is the second Dawn Redwood we've planted as the first one died in the first season.   This area is pretty close to one of the spots of standing water that I documented a bit back, so I'm thinking that this Redwood received good water this Spring.    I want this one to thrive this year (hopefully 'creep' up, too), so I'll keep it watered when the heat hits this Summer. 

I measured this Dawn Redwood at 63" tall in September of last year.  I don't see a lot of new growth out of the top of the tree yet.  But....this is a good benchmark to check against later this Summer. 


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