Red Grange Bobblehead - Chicago Bears 100 Year Anniversary

Thanks to our good friends who have Chicago Bears season tickets, I'm now the proud owner of this Red Grange - the Galloping Ghost - Bobblehead courtesy of United Airlines.  This is the first in what the Bears are billing as a season-long program of bobbleheads that will be released at every one of their 10 home games.

The full list of this year's Bobbleheads:

  • Red Grange
  • Bill George
  • Coach Ditka (with his sunglasses)
  • Bronco Nagurski (with a sweet uniform)
  • Sweetness - Walter Payton
  • Brian Urlacher
  • Sid Luckman
  • Gayle Sayers AND Dick Butkus (they put both on one statue???)
  • Mike Singletary
  • Devin Hester

Some of them are way more attractive (to me) than others.  Of course, the top on the list - Red Grange - is the one that I'm most interested in (not just saying that because that's the one I am in possession of right now!).  But, Da Coach Ditka one is awesome, too.  Those would rank highest.  The dual Gayle Sayers/Dick Butkus one is weird to me.  I mean...why not put Urlacher and Hester on one?  And give Sayers and Butkus their own?

The box that the Red Grange Bobblehead came in features a photo of the Galloping Ghost with his #77 jersey.

The photo wraps around the side where you see his name: Harold "Red" Grange and him clutching the football.

And a photo of the figure - with the Chicago Bears 100 years logo.

And the back shows - in Bears font(s), his name, position(s), years played number 77  and of course, the corporate sponsor - from United Airlines. His years played are weird, aren't they?  1925; 1929-1934.  Turns out, his agent and him started their own team - the Yankees - and competed with them for the 1926 season. This Pro Football HOF listing says he played with the Yankees in 1927.   I'm not, exactly sure what happened in 1928.

This isn't the first little statue of Red Grange that I've posted about on the blog.

In 2016, I posted about how I came across this Red Grange Memorial Stadium Statue replica.   Here's the full listing of [Red Grange] posts.    And this is the second sports bobblehead that I have on hand:  the first being the Chicago White Sox Stormtrooper one from a few years back.


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