Fall Milorganite Feeding - Kentucky Blue Grass Northern Illinois

This photo is a week or so late, but putting it down here in the [garden diary], so I remember that I 'threw it down' late this Fall.  I put one bag of Milorganite out on the front yard (all three parts) on Thanksgiving Day this year.  That makes what I'd call two (2) Fall feedings this year including the Sunday Beta granular program that I participated in earlier this year (October). 

And all in, this is the 5th feeding (4 Milorganite, 1 Sunday) in addition to 1 Humic Acid, 2 iron and 1 calcium applications. 

This is the first time that I'm doing this late of a feeding - in the recommended "Thanksgiving window" - so, we'll see in the Spring if the lawn greens-up sooner or better than the other yards around us on the block.  

Will work to document all of the feedings/treatments next year.  


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