Vintage Santa Mickey Mouse Christmas Ornament With Candy Cane

This might be the killer crossover.  For me, at least.  This is a vintage Mickey Mouse Christmas ornament.  Sits right at the intersection of vintage Disney and vintage Christmas and is perfect for our house.  I was given this as a gift by Nat's Mom recently.  Mickey himself is in great shape and has almost no wear on him.  He's holding a big candy cane and some holly and waving with his other hand - covered in a green mitten.  He has full eyes - he's not 'pie eyed' - so someone with some history with Disneyana can likely date this particular ornament. 

There isn't a sticker on him, but on the back of his belt there seems to be a little bit of residue that a sticker might have lived.  I imagine a 'Made in Japan' sticker was there, right? 

I have a few pieces of Disneyana here on the blog including this Estate Sale Disneyland pennant (which...reminds me to post about something else soon).  The other items posted here are:

First was this Pooh Bear for President glass from Sears.

Then a post about these vintage Minnie Mouse, Donald the Duck and Jiminy Cricket matchbox cars.

I picked up a Pooh Bear Golden Book at a Garage Sale in Bolingbrook a few years back.

I posted about this Mickey Mouse Walt Disney World Backscratcher that I bought at an Antique Mall up in Wisconsin.

Vintage Santa Mickey Mouse Christmas Ornament with yellow shoes.


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