Weeping White Spruce - Spring Growth 2020

A couple of days ago, I posted photos of the new growth on our tiny Canadian Hemlock trees.  Today is another conifer - the Weeping White Spruce tree that I planted last year.  It has put on some Spring growth, too.  The new, bright green tips are clearly visible in the image above.  On the far left of the photo in this post, you'll see one of the Summer Beauty Allium that we planted last month

The last time that this tree was featured in a post in the [garden diary] was last Fall when it had not put on any new growth, but seemed to have gotten through the hot Summer.   It was coming in at 47" tall in November, but you can see some of the new growth is right.on.top, so it is a little taller today. 

If you look back at the photos from May 2019 when I bought the tree, it had green tips, then, too.  In that post, you can also see what the mature tree will look like as it continues to climb upwards and stays columnar in form.

One other note:  I sprayed this tree with Wilt-Pruf late last year to protect it from drying out.  Seems to have worked?  Or...at least...didn't hurt.


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