Patio Adjacent Pond Location - Backyard Dreaming

Could it be quarantine that is getting to me?  Seems likely.  As I'm now dreaming about the installation of a small pond and waterfall in our backyard.   This isn't a new idea, as I've posted about water features over the years here on the blog - including a schematic that showed how it could work across our yard in February.  Today, I'm sharing this photo of a spot that is adjacent to our back patio that I'm now focusing my attention on in terms of initial pond placement.  

Below, you can see a schematic (new one) of what I'm thinking (currently) about where things could go and how they'd work together.  Importantly, I'm trying to think about this in phases and making sure that we can make future phases work with the initial undertaking.   

The new schematic calls for a pond located to the south of the patio with a small berm and waterfall that is backed up to where the air conditioning units are located.  Then, utilizing the existing grade, there could be a way to tie this 'top pond' in with a stream/creek/babbling brook down to the lower part of our property - which could host a second, additional pond.  

I have plenty of pond/water feature inspiration on the blog over the years - including this post on a fountain and pond at the Morton Arboretum, a post about using water near our backyard entrance, a potential waterfall on some steps, a footbridge for crossing the creek, some walls and fountains at Aulani, a semi-formal fountain at Gotenyama Gardens in Tokyo and this formal pond/fountain at Luxembourg Gardens.

Also, a note:  #25 on my 2020 to-do list:
"Place the dream backyard pizza oven footprint and/or dream backyard pond (and maybe river??) footprint."
I've done other backyard dreaming, too.  Including this post about a bocce court and...the pros/cons of locations on a diy pizza oven back in 2017.

In regards to placement - and checking off #25, I think I'm not confident in the placement of the pond and semi-confident in the oven. 

My initial idea of pond location and waterfall (down the steps) has some pros (cool look), but some of cons (can't be enjoyed while sitting on the patio and/or inside),  But this spot?  Checks all the boxes on location/placement:

1.  Is in a "mostly" sunny spot.  Check.
2.  Is near electricity - so doesn't use extension cords.  Check.
3.  Is site'd where it can be seen/enjoyed from patio.  Check.
4.  Is site'd where it can be seen/enjoyed from indoors.  Check.

Now, to get the details tuned in and get it on next year's list?  Maybe.


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