The Falltime Mr. Fox - Our Neighborhood - November 2020

 We have a pretty active NextDoor online community.  And as you'd expect, there's TONS of animal/critter sightings on there - including the occasional coyote (Here's one that I saw on my walk to the train on our block).  But, Downers Grove has what I think is A LOT of foxes in our town.  We have so many that there's now a restaurant named after the phenomenon (at least, I think that's why they named it that way).  I've posted about some of them on the blog including earlier this year when there was one sitting on the driveway across the street from us early one morning.  

This past week, The KotBT and I were out in our front yard dragging our garbage cans down to the curb in the early evening when we spotted the Fantastic Mr. Fox crossing our street - from the creekside of the block to our side.  Here he is trotting across the street:

I have a series of other posts about critters/wildlife on the blog including a close-up encounter with a fox up in Wisconsin, how we *used* to have a black squirrel in our yard, the one time a mallard duck laid an egg in our front yard and an owl on our block.  


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