Fanal Astilbes Transplanted Into New Beds - May 2021

Now that we've set the final edges of our backyard beds using the notion of curvilinear design/layout, I'm able to begin to transplant some of the items that I have on hand to put them in their final spots - closer to the edges of these new final beds.  The first set that I took on were the dozen Fanal Astilbe plants that I planted last year.  I was happy to see that all twelve came back this Spring and below you can see the twelve holes where I transplanted them further out.  You can see in the photo below the pole of the bird feeder and some of the pink circles.  So, these are moving up about 24" but also not TOO CLOSE to the edge of the bed to be sure they have some room to spread out.

This is the first of a bunch of transplants - including hostas, ferns and grasses that I'll be making in the next week or two ahead of mulch. 

As a reminder (to myself) that I laid out an 'order of operations' with my beds this year - that starts with removing the Automower wire - down thru #6 (transplant) and #7 (plant new), #8 (edges, which a lot are done as you can see above) and finally mulch (which will happen in the coming weeks).  


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