Japanese Painted Fern 'Pictum' - Firepit Area - June 2021

Yesterday, I posted a 2021 update on the Japanese Painted Fern 'Pictum' that I planted in 2018 on the side of the screened porch and mentioned that I had another one that I planted this season.  I'm posting this in July, but I planted this (second) Pictum fern back in May.  And took the photo at the bottom - of the fern in the ground - in mid-June.

This is the second Pictum, but (now) the sixth Japanese Painted Fern with the addition of four Ghost Ferns earlier this Spring.  I bought this one (below) when I saw it on sale at a big box store and brought it home.  My thought was to plant a series of them in Priority Area #1 this year, but when Nat came up with the fire pit area plan, I decided to skip planting in Area #1 (for now).  

Here, below, is the tag from this fern that came in a 1# nursery pot.  It shows 8-12" height and 15-18" spacing. 

As I mentioned above, I planted this in May, but posting in July.  The in-between photo you see below of the fern now that it has put on a little bit of growth - is from mid-June.  

This is in the newly created border between the lawn and the fire pit.  


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